9 Essential School Supplies for High School


I don't know about you, but school starts for me in just a few weeks. A few days ago I went school supply shopping in my basement because, over the years, we have amassed a large closet filled with every supply under the sun. Thanks to my mom, the supplies are all nicely organized and labeled, which made finding everything a breeze. 
I've compiled a list of 9 school supplies that I always have on hand during school. These are the supplies that are in my bag from day one. Being prepared is a trait of a good student. Please, when the first day of school rolls around don't walk in with just a pencil. Get at least the first two items on the list and you'll be set.
1. Notebooks
Mead is a great brand to buy all different types of notebooks. I personally prefer the college-ruled composition books. As a left-handed person I love the flat spine.

2. Pencils

Did you see what I did there? Anyway, buy a pack of #2 pencils to jot down notes and do assignments with.

3. Scissors

You can get good scissors from office supply stores and craft stores. My current ones are actually from Target. I'm pretty sure they were on sale too.

4. Mini Stapler

Do you ever find yourself with a stack of handouts that are all related and all out of order? A quick staple in the upper left-hand corner can keep all your handouts organized and together.

5. Highlighters

Use highlighters to draw out important information in your notes or textbooks. You can even assign each color a different type of information (e.g. blue for important dates, pink for math rules, orange for vocab words).

6. Markers

Markers accomplish almost the same thing as highlighters in terms of color coding different types of information. They can be used during study and review time. Stabilo is the brand I have been using ever since I was first introduced to them in German school. The colors are bright and the markers last long.

7. Index Cards

When it comes to studying, using index cards is one of the most common methods. However, index cards can also be used for presentation cue cards.

8. Binder Clips

Binder clips are another way to keep your index cards and note paper together. Different colors can represent different subjects. Or you can throw some Washi tape on them for a decorative touch.

9. Folders

On the same note as the binder clips, folders help keep you organized in all your classes. Buy one for each class and store important documents in them.

Stores like Target, Office Depot, and Staples will be good places to start shopping. Around this time of the year school supplies tend to be cheaper. Also check to see if your state participates in a tax-free weekend for school supplies (I know Virginia's is this weekend). I hope this list helps you with your supply shopping. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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