Why I'm Actually Excited to Move in High School


I've moved around quite a bit since I was young. My family's first overseas tour with the military landed us in Germany for almost seven years. During this time, I learned how to interact with a completely different culture than what I was used to in the States. Despite the original culture shock I was able to learn the language and make lasting friendships.
However, moving in high school is terrible. High school requires a lot of time. It's hard to find a way to balance everything without going under. Then, once you do find your rhythm, any little bump in the road can slow you down. 

This coming school year I'll be a senior, which means solid GPA's and college applications weigh heavy on my mind. Logically, it would make sense to stay put and finish high school in the same place where you started, especially with all the established resources readily available. But... I'm actually excited to move. Here's why:

1. You get to travel (for free)

When in your whole adult life will you be able to travel for free? After school ends and you are on your own you'll look back and wish you had taken more trips with your parents even if it was to a neighboring city. Trust me, travel ain't cheap.

2. You gain new life experiences

If you can adjust to a new home, new school, and new area as a child or teenager, then you will be better prepared and more likely to adapt faster than others as you grow older and life starts throwing stuff at you. Besides learning something new is always cool.

3. It looks great when applying to college

This one might be more for long distance moves, however you might find that moving to the next county over gives you access to a program you wouldn't have had at your old place. New opportunities for different scholarships could arise and your college application will show unique skills and abilities that a college might be looking for.

These are the three things I keep in my mind as I de-clutter my room and wonder how I will be able to attend senior prom. Although it will be chaotic at first, I can't wait. I'm kinda hoping to catch up on my movies during the flight anyway.

Have you moved or are you moving during high school? I would love to here how you overcame the stress. Leave a comment below. 

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