Freebie: November Desktop Wallpaper


It's almost November! Thanksgiving is coming up and I. cannot. wait. Besides getting ready for the beginning of the holiday season, I am also busy unpacking in my new house. That's right, my family moved out of the hotel we were in a few days ago and now we are working on emptying the boxes filled with stuff we forgot we owned. This move threw me behind schedule a bit with both school work and blogging, but I hope to be back on schedule in a week.

On another note, I've applied to college. I chose to apply Early Action because I like to have a bit of wiggle room, just in case things don't go as planned. Also, shout-out to Jade for writing this great post on applying to college and the difference between Early Action and Early Decision; I was a lot confused on which one was the binding one. Between all the stress I've still been able to create new desktop wallpapers though! Take a look at the designs. Download one or download all and stay tuned for more posts soon.

Do you want to download all four? Don't worry, I've got you: click here! How has the latter half of October been treating you?
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