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Remember when I said I would post a new Seoul Food post every other week or so? Yeah... that was
over a month ago 😆. I need to up my posting game. Anyway, I'm back with another Seoul Food post!

My hotel, which I'm still living in by the way, is located across from the city hall. A large plaza separates us, which frequently is the venue for many different events. And by frequently I mean almost everyday. Here's a list of some events I've attended in the plaza so far:

  • Friendship Fair | An event where countries represented in Seoul, through either an embassy or consulate, come out and set up displays to educate and connect.
  • Pepper Festival | This festival was actually a dedicated market just for hot peppers. Several vendors came out with their pepper crops and sold them to be used in the making of kimchi and other traditional dishes.
  • Korean War Memorial | A live reenactment was the highlight of this event which showcased many historical artifacts used during the Korean War and a ceremony honoring veterans. 
  • A Giant Farmer's Market | Honestly, I didn't really attend this one per se. Just had a quick walk through, but I could tell there was a lot of produce for sale.
  • Fever Festival 2017 | A music fest which featured some large names in K-pop such as Blackpink, Red Velvet, Wanna One, and PSY. 
Keep in mind that most of these lasted over several days. Between the larger events we also attended some night concerts held by smaller groups or individuals. It was a fun way to wind down at night before heading back inside for classes.
city from an overpass | an exit of the underground market | from a night out in Itaewon

I've also had a chance to explore beyond the plaza. In an attempt to find the nearest stationary store, I ended up navigating my family across an overpass and into a totally different area of the city. Thankfully not in vain; we were able to see some nice scenery from the overpass (right).

One great feature of being in the city is the underground shopping centers (middle). You can access them from many different locations and get from one place to another without having to wait at crosswalks.

Probably my favorite part of the city is Itaewon, an eclectic and modern district that is full of life at night (left). From the hidden alleyways to the basement restaurants, there is always something new to discover. 
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