Seoul Food: Fall In the City


There's nothing like Fall in the city! Props if you know what I'm semi-quoting. The air is crisp and the leaves are changing colors. Surprisingly, Fall here is basically the same as in the States. The temperature is extremely cold and the wind tugs on you as you walk. Today we had some rain to change things up a bit, but it's still cold. I've been clinging to my coffee mug lately.

One thing I am really excited to experience is Thanksgiving. Previously, I've spent Thanksgiving in Sierra Leone and my mother even held a dinner in a hotel. It's the one time of year we dedicate to bringing people together. We like to spend Christmas privately; but for Thanksgiving we go all out. So far, we've planned the menu and bought the essentials: the turkey and the ham.

I remember reading a quote about Fall that really struck a cord. It went a little like this:

Fall is proof that there can be beauty in death.
I'm paraphrasing, but it made me relate to the season in a different way. Before, I saw Fall as the season of Thanksgiving. Now I see it as nature's final performance before retiring for the year. The landscape takes on an earthy tone as the leaves fall and coat the ground. Don't you love the sound of dry leaves under your feet?

Even with the holidays fast approaching, school is still chugging along. I feel like I describe school as a train often. If it was a train, I would most likely compare it to the D.C. Metro. Meaning it breaks down ever so often, isn't perfect, but overall is doing okay. Next week is the final school-week before Thanksgiving break and I cannot wait. You know it is time for a break when even your teacher is counting down the days.

That's my recount of Fall in the city. What's your opinion about Fall? Love it? Hate it? Let me know!
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