How I Use Tumblr To Study


Studying can be hard if you don't know where to start. One resource I use is the amazing studyblr community on Tumblr. I know Tumblr is seen as one of the many social media sites that sucks all your time, but honestly it has been the best thing that has happened to me this year.

Of course, there is a right and wrong way of using Tumblr to study. It's easy to stray away from studying and wander off into K-pop or cupcakes (or you could combine the two); but it's really worth staying focused because there is a treasure trove of information and inspiration there.

The main reason I love the studyblr community is because everyone is so friendly. I personally am a serious procrastinator and I'm trying to break that habit, everyday I can find posts from other study-ers trying their best to meet their goals. Some are really good at it and I look up to them so much because I can't begin to imagine the amount of discipline is required to do what they're doing. Then there are those that I can just relate to on a personal level. I am not the most outgoing person, and I wouldn't ask a person I admire in real life a question until I got to know them, but I am comfortable asking questions about stationary or commenting on a great idea without hesitation. Everybody gives off a friendly vibe.

Granted, most of the blogs I follow are high schoolers like me trying to get good grades. Which makes it even better in my opinion. The advice is real and applicable. Sometimes the posts describe my mood perfectly, which is usually 'confused but feigning confidence'.

Now, as I mentioned before there is a right and wrong way of using Tumblr to study. Literally my exact words from before. Here's what can happen if you go the right way:

  • you find a supportive community
  • you learn new study tips
  • you find inspiration for note-taking
  • you come across the perfect master post about applying to college
  • you meet other people in the same year as you, working hard
  • and so much more!
Here's what can happen if you go the wrong way:
  • you get sucked into the Tumblr abyss (seriously, don't go down there)
  • you become overwhelmed by the skill of other bloggers
  • you try to hard to become a big blogger and forget to study
  • you spend to much money on stationery and other things that won't make you a better student
  • and probably more, but I'm not sure.
The best way to avoid going the wrong way is to start with a purpose. Make it your purpose to raise your GPA or become a better note-taker. Mine is to form better study habits and time management skills other helpful skills. Focus on your purpose and your purpose only. If having a studyblr doesn't make you a better student, that's okay. Try something else. 

This post isn't here to walk you through setting up a studyblr, for that I still recommend this post by Jessica over at her blog, But I hope I am able to explain why and how in the world I use Tumblr as a study source.

Do you have a studyblr? Leave a link to it in the comments and I'll check it out. What other sites do you use as study tools?
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