How To Use Google Calendar To Become More Organized


If you don't know what Google Calendar is I will enlighten you. Basically, it is the answer to all your calendar needs. Of course if we want to get technical, Google Calendar is an online, editable calendar that you can use to track events, reminders, and goals.

I know calendars are hard to keep track of. Sometimes you don't have time to write all your important reminders down in a paper calendar. Most times I forget to check mine; and when I do it's to remember a birthday. But with the amount of time I spend on a electronic device, whether it's my phone or laptop, I find an online calendar is the perfect way to keep me on track.

The main benefit for going digital is the notifications. Google Calendar offers you the choice of being notified of upcoming events. That makes it almost impossible to miss an appointment. Once you set everything up it's easy to put things on auto-pilot so you have more time to actually enjoy your day. To get started, sign up at Google Calendar.

Getting Familiar With The Calendar

Familiarize yourself with the layout of the calendar. This post is based on the desktop version of Google Calendar; but they do have an app that I highly recommend. The Google UI was updated recently and the layout is nice and clean. Top right you'll find a dropdown menu from which you can select different views. This is handy when you want to see all entries in a monthly view instead of a
weekly view or vice versa.  Also along the top bar, you'll find ways to choose the month, search for calendar events, and open/close the main menu. 
By opening the main menu from the little hamburger icon on the left, you can find the option to manage different calendars, choose which one displays on the right, and select what month/week/day displays. Now that you're familiar it's time to add entries to your calendar.

Add A Calendar Entry

There are two ways to do this. Either tap in an empty box and fill out the pop-up box, or click on the red plus in the bottom-right corner. The first method is for quick entries. If you want to add more detail to your entry, for example the location, then click on the button labeled 'More Options'. This will take you to the screen shown in the image on the right. The red button takes you directly to this screen. Enter in all the details you want, there are so many options. My favorites are the 'repeat' setting and the ability to change the color. I use the 'repeat' setting for things like weekly classes that follow a schedule, and daily events like breakfast or devotions. As a visual person, color-coding is great for organizing my entries.

So, Now What?

Once you have entered in some events, I highly suggest downloading the Google Calendar app. It is available for both IOS and Android. That way you can get notifications straight to your phone. The calendars sync frequently so you don't have to worry about missing entries. If you have the patience, develop a color-coded system for your entries. Truly, the options are limitless.

Do you use Google Calendar? If not, what calendar system works best for you? How do you stay organized? 

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