3 Things To Do During A School Break


So, you have some time off from school; whether it be a long weekend or a full-blown holiday. There are no classes to attend and suddenly you have all this free time. What do you do?

Get caught up on schoolwork

Take the time to catch up on assignments. Maybe you're behind on some reading, or you want to brush up on a topic you didn't quite get. There is no shame in playing 'catch-up' during a break.

Get ahead on schoolwork

If you get the chance, try working ahead. Pre-read textbooks and take notes on more difficult subject matter. That way you're prepared to ask questions when classes resume.

Enjoy the break

Put your school books on a shelf and do whatever you want to do. It's your break; you can spend it however you want to. Catch up on some sleep. You could even *gasp* go outside. Whatever you do, take time for yourself.

Thanksgiving is in a few days; and I have the whole week off from school, mostly. I've been busy catching up on schoolwork and helping my mom with Thanksgiving preparations. Even though this break isn't exactly relaxing, it still feels good to have a mental break from all the new knowledge that is thrown at me at school. 

What do you do during a school break? 
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