Freebie: March Desktop Wallpaper


Do it with me: deep breathe in, deep breathe out. Do you smell that clean, crisp air and the wet earth? Spring is in the air my friends.
Yes, today was slightly colder than Spring weather, and, yes, Spring doesn't officially start until the 20th, but I can feel it coming. It just so happens that Spring is very high on my list of favorite seasons in the year and here are a few reasons why:

  1. I love rainstorms and thunderstorms. You know the saying 'April showers bring May flowers'? Well, here in Seoul, it has rained a few times in the past week so for me March showers bring April... joy? I don't know. 
  2. The colors are so bright and welcoming. They just lift my spirit. Not to mention the smell of flowers is intoxicating. 
  3. Can't forget the sounds, I haven't yet experienced Spring in Seoul, but I imagine it will still have that melodious soundtrack of the birds. 
Spring is the time of year when everything becomes beautiful and I wanted this month's freebie to capture that in a simple phrase. When I think of Spring, I think of new life and simplicity in the beauty of it all. These three desktop wallpapers come in white, pink, and grey; with the phrase 'la vie est belle' to pose as a reminder that life truly is beautiful.
Desktop Wallpapers | 1// la vie est belle (white) 2// la vie est belle (gray) 3// la vie est belle (pink) Bundle// download all
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