Seoul Food: A Life Update


WARNING! This post was written late at night without the assistance of coffee, read with caution. Apparently when I am tired I write like a robot and use a lot of parentheses; I hope I do not hurt your eyes too much🙈.
With that out of the way - hey! How are you! It's been a while since I sat down to write a post and even longer since I wrote about living in Seoul. In my I'm Back! post I do not think I mentioned that I was moving (just checked: no I didn't), but even more is happening and has happened than that, so here I am writing about it all.

To make this reading experience easier for you and me, I will be using a numbered list. This is not a listicle (list+article), the points do not build upon each other, nor do they appear in any chronological order. It is just a way for me to organize my jumbled thoughts😁.

1. I went on a 5-day vacation to Jeju Island with my family

Insert a ton of pictures describing what I want to say better than I can here:
Gimpo International Airport had large windows in the departure bay and you could observe every thing that was happening on the runways.
We arrived at our hotel late and went to bed after having a seafood dinner. They provided each room with complimentary sheet masks, so that was nice. You know how much I love my sheet masks.
It was a beautiful morning the day after we arrived. The air was the freshest we've experienced in a while due to Seoul's fluctuating air quality. Little areas in the resort caught my eye like the sunbathed sitting area. By the way, I would 10/10 recommend this Johnny Rocket's burger and fries, so yum.
We did relatively little sightseeing since the island experienced heavy rainfall and fog about halfway through our trip. Luckily I was able to snap a picture of the ocean and mountains before visibility was reduced to almost zero.
Truthfully, I was there for the Tea Museum's delicious desserts and the wild rides at the resort's amusement park. Only my sister and I enjoy roller coasters, but we didn't let the haters bring us down and had a blast😋.
Then it was back to Seoul for us. I didn't sleep the flight coming back because it was so short. Being awake did give me more time to try my hand at aerial photography.

2. I graduated high school

I won't go into much detail here because my last post was dedicated to me graduating. In case you missed it though, my graduation cap was pretty nice if I may say so myself.

3. I'm moving

Those two points were dedicated to what had happened and now onto what is happening. Yup, we're moving again. Which means there won't be anymore Seoul Food posts😭. Don't worry, this is not the last one, but I will be discontinuing this series soon. On a brighter note, I will be attending University in Incheon early next year so there might be a spin-off series for that. 

It's not official or anything, but I consider myself a pro at moving. That sounds sad, and it is, but it's also so much fun. New room, new blank canvas. I am even trying to convince my parents, mostly my mom, to lease me a small room off of what would be my room anyways, instead of using it for storage. I think if I show her how I am going to use it she will say yes, she's very visual like that. 

As a now full-time blogger, even though I've never had any other profession, I feel that a separate office is necessary. At least the pins are cute:

4. I'm going to Liberia! 🙏

For my senior trip I really wanted to visit the country my parents are from. Being second-generation American with African parents makes me somewhat in-tune with my African side, but I don't believe in claiming a country as yours until you have lived in it. That is why my family is taking a one-month vacation to Monrovia in June. I'm so excited to visit the places where my parents grew up and learn more about my family history. If all goes well I will be blogging during the trip, so look forward to some new travel posts.

That is all for this life update. I hope it wasn't hard to get through. If you could, leave a comment or share this post, it would make me feel so validated lol. 

No spam, promise.

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