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As much as I love writing this blog, I equally enjoy reading other bloggers' content. You can find me catching up on my favorite blogs at least once a day and my Bloglovin feed is constantly updating with new posts. Being a teenager, I tend to gravitate towards blogs written by teens with teens in mind. Somehow advice on school, fashion, and life seems more relatable when we're all in it together, ya know? Today I will be sharing with you ten teen bloggers I'm currently loving. You should definitely give these lovely ladies a follow, you will not be disappointed.
This post is a collaboration with Nabila from the Texas-based blog, Hot Town Cool Girl! I have never done a collab before on the blog, so thank you Nabila for being my first collab partner. Don't forget to check out the post she wrote over on her blog.

1. Taiya @ taiyamaddison.com

Starting off the list is Taiya from taiyamaddison.com. She is like the champion of the teen blogging world. On her blog you can find posts about life and fashion, as well as great photography tips. Not only does she run her blog, but also an Etsy store; and she recently launched her very own online course!

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2. Mia @ blogmiablog.com

Mia is a new blogger that I found and connected with on Instagram. With my crazy-good coding skills πŸ˜‰, I was able to help her with some blog related issues and you guys, she is so sweet! I can't wait to see how her blog grows.

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3. Jade @ jadebrowne.com

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Jade is a gem. Her posts are always great reads, whether it's a book review, high school/college advice, or just a bit of wisdom. It's funny because she and I were both high school seniors this past school year and without her post on college applications I probably would have bound myself to a college I didn't really want to go to, lifesaver.

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4. Candice @ daydreamerteen.com

I found Candice on Pinterest last year I believe, and I have not looked back since. Her pins are top-notch and so is her blog content. If you are looking for posts on lifestyle, music, and feminism, she's your girl.

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5. Annie @ theanniechanieblog.com

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Although Annie just finished her first semester at Uni (CongratsπŸŽ‰!), I will still consider her a teen for this post. If you ever need to fill your pastel need, Annie's Instagram feed is the place for you to go. Perfectly put together pictures on every square. If you ever need to know which Disney princess you are (I'm a mixture of Belle and Ariel, btw), then she has the perfect monthly quizzes. Seriously though, why take a Buzzfeed quiz, when you can take one of Annie's?

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6. Ellen @ elleforlifeblog.com

What's that? You are obsessed with the photo editing? Same. Lucky for you Ellen has a post on how she gets those gorgeous hues on her blog. Besides the obviously stunning photography, she is very down to earth and shares great content in diy, food, fashion, anything you can imagine.

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7. Ella @ purelyella.com

Do you have a bullet journal? I have/had a bullet journal. I'm not any good at it, but Ella is the bujo queen. I love looking at her layouts although I will most likely never recreate them, haha. Did I talk about her quest to #bringbackthe80s? So retro.

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Galaxy June Bujo Setup 

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Lia @ liasamuels.com

Two words: selfcare and memes. Okay, she doesn't actually post memes on her blog, but on her Pinterest you are sure to find a ton. 90% of the quality memes in my Pinterest feed come from Lia and I am forever thankful. Oh yeah, the selfcare tips are awesome too; but the memes #quality.

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Self-Care September: 17 Things to do in The Name Of Self-Care

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9. Nabila @ hottowncoolgirl.com

Helllllllllloooo friendssssssss! Today’s post is a collab with one of my fave peeps over on @vanessajbest! I love her account as it’s just so positive and fun and she kind of makes me want to be healthy. Which is hard to do?? So we’re both sharing some of our favorite healthy foods! 1. Frozen grapes! THEY ARE SO GOOD AND EASY YOU GUYS DON’T FIGHT ME ON THIS. 2. Smoothies! I have been having smoothies for breakfast almost everyday this week and I’m so here for it!! We put usually any fruits and frozen veggies we have on hand in, and it’s the best. πŸ‘ 3. Vegetable soup! My mom makes this a lot when she’s cooking and it’s so good. Literally just vegetables cooked in a bowl of water with seasoning. Aka soup. Plus I love soup in general because it’s always been super comforting to me. 😁 Alright that’s it for now but if you want more posts like this make sure to let me know. 😊 QOTD: what’s one of your favorite healthy foods? πŸ’œ πŸ’œ πŸ’œ #hottowncoolgirl #blogger #thatsdarling #houstonblogger #htxblogger #kidblogger #darlingmovement #bloggers #teenblogger #girlboss #photosinbetween #teenbloggers #thehappynow #thebloggerscircle #bloggerhub #thechristianbloggers #bloggersspotted #thebloggersregram #thebloggerpoint #bloggerstribe #bossgirlbloggers #girlbossteentribe #wmportraits #positivevibes #thebloggercrowd #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #healthymeals #healthybreakfast
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Nabila was the mastermind behind this collab. I just hitched a ride😁. One thing that amazes me about Nabila is that at 14 she has already been blogging for four years. Talk about being a veteran blogger. If you are interested in following her life in Houston, give her blog a look.

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Find her here: Instagram | Youtube

10. Moi, Mich, Me @ amariselizabeth.com

Is this even allowed? I don't know, so I'll keep it brief. Now that school is over my content will be evolving. I would love for you to stick around.

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There you are. Ten super awesome teen bloggers ready for you to discover. If you know of any other teen bloggers, or if you are one yourself, let me know in the comments.

No spam, promise.

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