Seoul Food: The End


"Begin at the beginning... and go on till you come to the end: then stop."
 - The King (Alice's Adventures In Wonderland)

Well, here we are, the end of my adventure in Seoul. I actually moved from Seoul last Friday, but between the unpacking and general moving business this post has been pushed back a few days.

These past nine months were filled with incredible change for me. In that time I moved to South Korea, completed my senior year of high school, and started this blog, among other things. You know, looking back I realize that nine months is not a long time to live in one place and experience all that it has to offer, especially during a busy school year; and it's okay not to get to everything. The truth is I don't think you can truly experience everything that a big city like Seoul has to offer. That is why cherishing the little things is so important. There were a lot of big and little moments, some of which I documented in Seoul Food posts.

For those moments that went undocumented I wanted to dedicate a post, a mere page in the story, to their memory. When you move to a foreign country sometimes the simplest things can seem like huge wins. I had many of those simple wins in Seoul.

Seoul Highlights

  • Seoul was actually the first major city I've lived in. I briefly lived in Stuttgart, Germany, but the dynamics were different. Usually my family sticks to the suburbs, but they don't really exist here so we were really right in the middle of everything.
  • I learned how to navigate public transportation. Who needs to drive when you can hop on the subway or in a taxi? I may not know how to navigate a regular map correctly, but I can read the subway map like a text.
  • Cut flowers weaseled their way onto a pedestal in my heart due to the large flower market we visited almost every week. 

  • I formed a slightly crazy skincare routine, which makes my family think that I am obsessed with my skin. I am though, no shame.
  • Convinced myself that yes, I am a BTS fan. I tried to fight it and be all anti-BTS but they are literally plastered everywhere! Of course their music isn't that bad either, my brother is even a quasi fan of theirs. (Okay he only likes one song, but it's progress.)
  • Witnessed my first cherry blossoms. Turns out we had a cherry tree in our yard the whole time but didn't know until it bloomed the most gorgeous little pink blossoms.
  • Celebrated the everyday craziness that comes with living in Seoul, and learned, and laughed a ton.
  • Plus more little things that I cannot remember at the moment but made living in Seoul that much more special.

Any Future Plans?


Just kidding😎.

We moved further South into the country. Like wayyy country, surrounded by rice fields country, I can actually hear birds in the morning and no cars country. It's nice, I guess. If I had to choose between city and country I would choose the suburbs because it's the best of both worlds.

Next week Thursday I fly to Liberia with my family and stay for one month exactly. This trip is both my senior trip and 18th birthday present, all in one. I plan on blogging there so no worries.

After summer is over I actually get to come back to Seoul weekly to attend pastry school for a semester. 

Then, next Spring, I start college life. I officially committed to a school last week and am super excited to start this next chapter. It feels like the world is mine for the taking and I will take it.

Even though this post is getting out later than I intended do keep your eyes peeled for a special surprise coming the beginning of next. No hints, just be looking😊.

No spam, promise.

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