Summer Bucket List Ideas You Never Thought About + Free Bucket List Printable


I was going to start posting school related content in August; but school doesn't begin until the end of the month so I won't do you like that. Since there are still a few weeks left of vacation, and over a month of summer, I urge you to enjoy this season to the fullest.

One thing that is abundant during this season is time. The days are longer, sun shines brighter, and school is a distant memory. Although it may seem the perfect time to relax and just go with flow, especially after a long school year, there is so much that you can do.

 Summer is a great time to check some things off your bucket list. Or get one started. There are many posts already online on how to start a bucket list, so I won't get into that today. I do have some unique bucket list items that you can add to your list, however.

1. Give up sweetened drinks (for a day, week, month...)

*Sigh* what's more refreshing than a glass of lemonade in the summer? Oh, I know! A glass everyday, plus a cool soda when you visit the pool or the beach. Doesn't sound that good for you does it? Especially during the summer you want to keep as hydrated as possible. That's why giving up sweetened drinks, for however long a period, and replacing them with water is a multi-functional bucket list item.

2. Have a self-care day... for someone else

Self-care is great. It gives you the chance to really focus  yourself up. Another thing that self-care is: flexible. Whatever helps improve your personal health, that you pursue for yourself, is self-care. That includes mentally, emotionally, and physically. Having a self-care day, in which you engage in activities that will improve one or all of those aspects of your health, is a necessity that many often neglect. Why not take it upon yourself to provide someone you know with a day of pampering. You are not only re-charging their battery, but also emotionally re-charging yourself.

3. Build and spend a day under a blanket fort

This throws it back to childhood days. You remember, back when you could just block out the world and live in your little bubble, or in this case blanket fort? It's simple. Build a blanket fort, as big or small as you want. Stock it with books, audio books, movies, snacks, etc. Then spend the whole day in it. To make it extra fun invite your friends, or siblings, to join you. 

4. Go without electronics (for a day, week, ...)

How many of us can go without electronics for even a few hours? I'm constantly on my phone, or on the computer. As much as I hate to admit it, when I lose WiFi I freak out. Even when I don't need it. That's why it's important to unplug every once and awhile. This is commonly referred to as a social media detox, but it can also be broadened to include all electronic devices. Take your phone, tablet, laptop, and put them away. Find a place where you won't typically go. I suggest placing them in a suitcase or a closet. See how long you can last without your phone or computer. You may be pleasantly surprised.   

5. Find a new favorite author to binge-read

Coming from a new Stephen King stan, this is a must add item. Is there an author you keep hearing of, but never really got into? Start now. What about that classic book series? Read it. The thing about binge-reading during the summer is that most public libraries, at least States-side, have summer reading programs available for all ages. It promotes literacy and is just a fun thing to be a part of. You can also boost your vocabulary before the new school year.

There you have it. Five unique things you probably would never have thought to put on your summer bucket list. If these don't sound like things you want to do, a fellow blogger, Ellen, published the ultimate summer bucket list with 50😱 great items.

Also, don't forget to grab the bucket list printable I made to go with this post. You keep track of the items you have accomplished on one organized sheet. Get it by clicking the image link below👇

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